How do I return / exchange items?

To return or exchange any item, all you need to do is to email or call us to inform us that you want to return or exchange your UNUSEDnon-damaged hair. Once we receive it in the mail from you and have confirmed that it is still indeed in the same brand new, unused condition that we sent it to you in, we will refund your payment method that you used when you bought it from us or ship you the items you want in exchange. If there is a cost difference for the exchange, we will either refund you the difference or you will be required to pay the additional price if it costs more for the items you want to exchange. Orders will not be shipped to you until any additional costs are paid. We strongly recommend getting a tracking number and shipping insurance from the shipping company you choose to return with.  We are not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen goods that are sent back to us for any returns or exchanges. If you obtain a tracking number, please email us the tracking number so we can help be on the lookout for your return as well. All shipments to us are your responsibility and we will not pay for return or exchange shipping costs unless it was a mistake on our end and/or you received incorrect items. Only then we will cover the return shipping costs by emailing you a shipping label that can printed out and put on a box/bag to ship back to us with.